an eclectic home in copenhagen

I fell in love with this home which I recently spotted in a magazine. The style of owner Cecilia Granath is very similar to my own style! The gorgeous apartment, located in Copenhagen (Denmark), is decorated in white with ethnic elements and silver accessories.

Cecilia has a shop in Copenhagen where she sells fashion and interior accessories from various countries.

Do you love Cecilia’s style as well? In tomorrow’s post you can find some ideas for creating this look.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  • Love love! This is exactly the look I’m going for in the apartment, but with maybe a couple more pops of colour and plants. That shimmery hanging light – adore!

  • That’s terrible, come one show us design, and not bad taste. Can’t believe it’s in Copenhagen!

  • This is beautiful (although it makes me want to throw everything in my house out and start over again). Love the silver pouf mixed with other ottomans. Sigh. Is it possible to create this look when you have a husband?

  • Adore it! Except that I’m kinda lukewarm about the silver elements. Might grow on me though :-))

  • Hi,
    I’ve just started buying stuff for my new apartment, and want to do WHITE. Yesterday I ordered two very bulky/large white-leather sofas, a glass-top/wood-base dining table, and wooden chairs covered with white leather seats. The floor are cherry wood, and I want to paint all the walls WEDGEWOOD-blue. Oversized black+white framed photos against the blue walls.
    Does this make any sense? I’m nervous about the starkness of the white leather !