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  • I am sorry but there were sign about error all the time – and suddenly there are 3 posts – please could you erase them and leave just one, thank you very much and I really apologize

  • Like all of you I love this chair.
    In Denmark, where I’m raised, it is a classic. Everyone has sweet memories about this chair from their childhood. I remember it from my grandma’s dining room and my mother’s doctor clinic.

    You should also have a look at some of his many very nice chairs; the ant, the egg, and the swan.

  • As a Dane and a A. J. fan I have to comment… the second picture with all the colours – it´s a fake! I found the same type in Turkey last summer. Sorry but it catches my eyes, I know the shape of the real one so well, cause I have 6 of them in my living room.

  • Hi, we live so much the table in the image in the top of this page, would you please tell su who’s the designer and the name?
    Thanks in advance,