arne jacobsen’s serie 7 chair

A reader (Yasnnna) just commented on a previous post about how much she like the the serie 7 chair from Arne Jacobsen.

I know that many of you love this chair. For all of you some more images of this gorgeous design!

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  1. I dream of one of each color. Is it really too much to ask santa?

  2. thank you 🙂 these pictures are really inspirational

    to be honest, we have them at our home (if you like you can see them on my blog and we bought them in Breda:) – so they passed rather long way to Prague

  3. I’ll take a white one, please!

  4. I am sorry but there were sign about error all the time – and suddenly there are 3 posts – please could you erase them and leave just one, thank you very much and I really apologize

  5. ooh i love the idea of mixed colour chairs..that is stunning! Thanks for showing us!

  6. Like all of you I love this chair.
    In Denmark, where I’m raised, it is a classic. Everyone has sweet memories about this chair from their childhood. I remember it from my grandma’s dining room and my mother’s doctor clinic.

    You should also have a look at some of his many very nice chairs; the ant, the egg, and the swan.

  7. As a Dane and a A. J. fan I have to comment… the second picture with all the colours – it´s a fake! I found the same type in Turkey last summer. Sorry but it catches my eyes, I know the shape of the real one so well, cause I have 6 of them in my living room.

  8. Hi, we live so much the table in the image in the top of this page, would you please tell su who’s the designer and the name?
    Thanks in advance,

  9. The table in the top is a “Super-Ellipse” table designed by Piet Hein.

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