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The dining area in this Swedish apartment is a perfect example of how a rug can change the look & feel of an entire room. This is why a love a vintage kilim rug! You can see images of the area without the rug here and here. I also love the artwork. When you want to (re)decorate a room in your home and you don’t know where to start, it is best to choose a rug or artwork that you like and go from there. You can use the color scheme of the rug or artwork to choose accessories such a cushions to get a unified look. If you are interested in a vintage kilim rug: with code RUGLOVE you now get 25% discount on the last rugs available from Le Souk. The discount is also valid on all (kilim) cushion covers. Kilim rugs and cushions are unique so there is only one available of each.

Image source: Bjufors.


I keep seeing a gorgeous tile on Pinterest. I did some researching and found out that this tile, with a Dandelion pattern, is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Swedish company Marrakech Design. Dandelion is a hexagonal tile influenced by Arabic patterns and geometry. The cement tiles are handmade in Morocco (Marrakesh) in a traditional manufacturing method. The patterns are obviously inspired by classical Arabic geometry. By laying the tiles in various ways each pattern opens the opportunity to create several new different macro-patterns. Including a random factor that provides non-repetitive formations.

Some information about these kind of tiles: cement tiles are made using a process developed in Southern France in the second half of the 19th century. Today, however, Morocco is the major production center. Cement tiles are made by hand with the help of metallic molds and a hydraulic press. The raw materials are Portland cement, sand, marble powder, water and color pigments. Contrary to ceramic tiles, cement tiles are not exposed to firing but gain their stregth from curing. The pigment layer is about 3-4 mm which gives the tiles a long life span. Each cement tile is individually made and variations in thickness, size and color as well as imperfections like irregular edges and corners as well as pattern contours being partly blurred are inherent to the manufacturing process. These characteristics add to the tiles’ natural appeal and do not compromise performance.

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The new ferm LIVING 2019 catalogue is out! The ferm LIVING catalogues are always a feast to the (interior lovers) eyes but this time there is even more inspiration to be found as not only the new collection is displayed but there is also a new feature showing creative people’s houses.

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Maaike from De Bloemenier creates the most beautiful paper flowers. Her products are available as DIY packages but she also sells hand made flower wreaths and cards. Maaike’s website is in Dutch but you can use Google translate if you need help translating.

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Today we make a virtual trip to Belgium where we visit this beautiful home designed by Belgian interior architect Peter Ivens. There is much that I like about this house: the use of natural materials, the neutral color palette of whites with some warm tones, the layering of various textiles and materials. This style is right up my alley! It is clean, yet warm and cosy. I have created a design plan for a similar look and feel. Although it takes a lot of time, I like creating these design mood boards. It is like designing for a client. You can find the links to the featured product here below.

1. armless sofa in lindy snow fabric (I also like this sofa) | 2. alabaster stone candle holder (gives beautiful light!) | 3. suede pillow in tan | 4. triangle weave pillow | 5. handmade stoneware | 6. leather Swan chair (also available here) | 7. natural rug (you can find more natural style rugs here and here) | 8. wooden statue from Africa | 9. mantis wall sconce | 10. framed kuba cloth | 11. matt black dinerware | 12. natural pillow | 13. sheepskin in tan (also available in larger size) | 14. wooden bowls | 15. handwoven pillow.

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How are you lovely people doing today? It is a cold day here in The Netherlands. What is it like in your part of the world? Today’s post features a tiny house on Fire Island, USA. This lovely cottage is place where Alex Bates and her family escapes from their hectic city lives in New York. Alex is a former creative director of West Elm and now has her own creative agency Flint & Kent. She also is the co-founder of Bloomist, a company that believes in using natural materials and environmentally friendly, sustainable production to create nature inspired products for the home. You should check out the Bloomist website and the shop is filled with gorgeous items! Ok, back to the cottage now. It was built in 1911 and when the family moved in, they did very little to it as they wanted to keep it authentic to the builder and the style. You can read more about this cozy house on Maryn.

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First of all I would like to thank you for all your sweet comments that I received on my previous post. I am really thankful for all you wonderful readers that have been following this blog for such a long time. This knowledge gives me new energy to continue finding beautiful content and improving The Style Files! Today’s post features the beautiful French home of stylist & photographer Oliva Thebaut. It is the kind of house I love: it is airy, there is lot of light and natural materials and a neutral colors scheme have been used to decorate the various spaces. The house is not filled with stuff yet it is cosy and warm. I think that it is important to surround yourself with beautiful items. These items does not have to be expensive, for me it is more about that they are well made and that they do not scream ‘junk’. I prefer to have less (but well made) then to have a lot of (cheap looking) stuff. And this house is an example of this philosophy. That lovely print by the way in the 7th image can be purchased on Etsy . I recognised it as it has been on my Etsy wishlist for a while. You can see more from Oliva on her instagram account and on her website.

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