our new home: the bedroom

Although the renovation of our home was finished months ago, we still have a long list of things to do. One of these things was to install the light fixture in our bedroom. Now this has been done I can finally post a picture of our bedroom. I am very happy with the star-shaped pendant lamp. The lamp, which is available at Le Souk, has been handmade in Egypt. Traditional techniques and craftsmanship are combined with a modern design. The little holes give the most gorgeous light effect on walls and ceiling. Also the wooden stool (used as bedside table), the Flower bedside lamps and the aluminium folding table are from Le Souk.

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  1. how beautiful.

  2. Oh. My. It’s like a page ripped from a magazine! I love the A-shaped room, and that view – swoon. Love you went with a white-on-white palette, my favourite.

  3. congrats on the house! we have been going through a 2 year home reno! we are taking legal action against our contractor.

    i love everything in your room, and i’m hoping to purchase something from your store when we finally move in (at an unknown date…)

  4. I love the view! Living in Oud-Zuid in Amsterdam is great but I get more and more ready to leave for the country side. Love the deco

  5. gorgeous! your room is so airy and beautiful. you must sleep like babies:)

  6. And yes, those are cows in the background!

  7. Looks like a great place to take a nap! Love the pendant lamp!

  8. Looks amazing and I love your view!

  9. WOW. this is my dream bedroom. a clean, white, sparse, cows out the window, lovely room.

  10. De-lurking to say: this looks amazing! What a great job – I have been excited to see your new place. May you enjoy many peaceful sleeps here!

  11. thanks for all your kind comments. we do sleep like babies here! it is very quiet and peaceful – even the cows are silent..

    jen, good luck with your renovation. hopefully your contractor worries will be gone soon!

  12. Look at that stunning view! And the lamp! You are very fortunate to be liking like that!

    Petra- designfragment

  13. Really beatiful, love the white theme!

  14. So serene, and I love your floors too! May I ask where you found the bedspread, I’ve been looking for something like it for over a year. Will you be selling them in your shop? Say yes! 🙂

  15. Elisa Bartels

    We have just started renovating our house. Thank you for giving me a burst of enthusiasm and inspiration. Your bedroom is elegantly sublime.

  16. Love the bedspread … where can I get something like that?

  17. Congratulations, it’s a very beautiful bedroom love your bedspread too !!

  18. The bedspread is vintage. They are not available at Le Souk but I have contacted my supplier and was able to get a couple of beautiful bedspreads (similar to the one to mine) which I will be offering on ebay soon. The crocheted bedspreads are sourced from France and The Netherlands and are all in great condition.

  19. Wow. I love the view, too!

  20. I am really enjoying the symmetry and calm scheme. Lovely.

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