dream loft in brooklyn, ny

Loftlife magazine sent me their newsletter which contained images of this gorgeous loft in Brooklyn, NY. The loft has been designed by New York based design firm Ochs Design was given. The assignment given was to convert a 2700 sq-ft abandoned warehouse space into an artist’s loft for a Williamsburg pioneer.

Isn’t this bedroom just gorgeous?

Ochs Design restored as much of the original bones of the space as was feasibly possible for their client, including keeping the original asphalt floor in the painting studio. The “platforms replace walls to define living space” allowing the paintings and artwork to dominate the interior.

(via loftlife)

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  • This loft has a wonderful feel……all that exposed brick, wood and light. It would be a dream to be creating in this space!

  • I just love your style files and the work you do. I’m an architecture student and i think i love more the interior part of it than the exterior. Really look forward for your posts!

  • Yes, those original elements are gorgeous! A great place to be creative!

    Steliana, I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading my posts. Good luck with your study!

  • wow..that is stunning. I dream of living in a warehouse space like that….i think there might be some in Detroit, Michigan for less than $500!!

  • Wow this warehouse is fantastic
    its my dream to get one simalar and paint all day

  • Does anyone know what kind of material was used over the bed? The canopies material, its sillhouete based/ visible but not completely .