elodie’s photo wall

I recently did a post about decorating a wall with photo frames. On stylish blog Bodie and Fou I found another lovely example of decorating a wall with photo’s of friends & family.

Elodie says that “just seeing so many happy pictures of all the people she loves every morning when drinking her coffee, put her in a good mood and it’s also dead easy to do and easy to update…”. Such a gorgeous wall!

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  1. oh I love this idea for a small hallway! How did she put them up? do you know? tacs? tape? curious!

  2. Hello, Danielle
    I love your ideas. That orange carpet is just amazing.
    I have plenty of photos of family and friends in a wall too, I used some drawing pin between the photos, I’ll send you a photo later.
    It’s great to have those lovely people close to us, specially when we live very far from them.

  3. Danielle-Your blog is full of inspiration! I love the modern take of a photo collage. I did a similar project for Christmas and made a photo wreath with old Christmas pics of family members. Displaying pics this way is so much better than those framed photo collages with the mats with various circle cut outs and itty bitty pics inside!
    Tracy of Daily Decorator

  4. Thanks for all your kind comments!

    Thumbtacks are use here to put the photos on the wall. But could use double tape as well.

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