wall with photo frames

In my previous home I had one wall in my hallway covered with photo frames. I am thinking about doing the same with one of the walls in our new home. Today some examples of decorating a wall with photos. The image above shows a great selection of simple photo frames with black and white pictures. Ikea sells a good selection of frames by the way.

A very simple and easy way to liven up a wall is to put all your favorite pictures into little clip frames and then group them together.

A mini art gallery is created in this dining room. The Jerez dining table is from Habitat and the Bertoia side chairs are from Knoll.

The walls in the image above are lined with photos mounted in simple, but striking black frames. These echo the geometric patterns of the windows and doors.

(images from Living Etc)

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  • Recently, I realized I had all these silver frames all over the place so I gathered them all on one wall and love the result. Your post reminds me I need to post a photo of it(!) I l love the mini gallery idea, too.

  • very cool! I find when I try this it’s not working as well–http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3594/3309457127_1c21a12910_o.jpg
    (sidenote: we’ve added more small frames around the large ones). any suggestions?

  • @Judi I think there are a couple of things:

    – in the examples above, the frames look quite alike, not only is their color the same but also the form (just plain straight lines, no bent surfaces) and the thickness/width of the frames; in your picture, the frames look almost all different

    – your frames are also rather far from eachother; a better composition would help; I even think you’ll need less big frames and more smaller one’s, and a bit more frames; in the examples above, there’s some composition, in your example you seem to have just hung the frames at random locations

    – also, in the example above with all black frames, notice how all frames have a great white spacing around each picture, your frames look different there too: some pictures are against the frame, some have more spacing around them

    Hope this helps

  • I love this idea but I have a question. In the photos with the ‘little clip frames’, how are they attached to the wall? And also, what exactly are little clip frames, and where would I find some?

    This is a wonderful way to enjoy photos that are currently stashed away in albums and boxes. Would love to do something like this! Thanks so much!

  • I’m wondering where I can find the ikea picture frames that are all glass with the silver brackets. Could someone tell me?

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