finn juhl sofa

Isn’t this little Finn Juhl sofa gorgeous? You can see more Finn Julh furniture here and here .

(image via Design*Sponge)

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  1. yes! I love Finn Juhl!

  2. Cara Danielle,

    Oh, but oh! Finn Juhl furniture are exquisite – so refined and “stylishly simple”. Collector’s pieces. Thanks for highlighting! Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria

  3. could i love a couch more?

  4. He was a true genious!

  5. super super cool, but not so comfy for couch potato-ing.

  6. It’s so different from other scandinavian designs, as it’s so curvy and feminine. I love it. (also love the “ribbon” lamp in the corner…)

  7. I love the sofa and the repeat of the wallpaper in the hallway painting is a nice connection. great image.

  8. The couch is cut but I’m not in love with the pillow.

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