house of finn juhl

As I love the furniture designs of Finn Juhl, I am very happy to show you these gorgeous images of a house filled with furniture of this great Danish designer. First some background information for those who are not familiar with Finn Juhl.

Finn Juhl (1912-1989) was first and foremost famous for his furniture. In the 1940s, he broke with the established furniture tradition and designed a number of creations that regenerated Danish furniture design. However, the Danish designer was trained as an all-round building architect, not especially as a furniture designer, something he himself considered important to emphasize. On several occasions, he pointed out that as a furniture designer, he was purely autodidact. His oeuvre did, however, also comprise a broad spectrum of architectural works. He made an especially excellent contribution as an interior designer.

Today the license for producing Finn Juhl furniture lies solely with the company Hansen & Sorensen in Denmark. After producing the sofa Model ’57 since 1999 Hansen & Sorensen was given the license for the entire collection in 2001. Visit the Finn Juhl website to see which models are currently being produced. Click here if you would like to see more images of this gorgeous house.

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