colour on a rainy day

Some colour on this rainy day..
(images by Rachel Whiting)

8 Responses to colour on a rainy day

  1. Beautiful! I love that combination of green and blue on the picture with the bike. Happy!

  2. Wow, really inspirational shots!

  3. mooie beelden – inderdaad perfect om even weg te vluchten (…idd vreselijk weer)!

  4. so beautiful! the colors go together quite wonderfully.

  5. Oh my god, the green in the top picture is hideous! The blue walls don’t look too spiffy either.

  6. i love the colors! im not a green fan but for some reason i love that top photo… very charming

  7. amazing pics, nice to read this post

  8. your post very usefull..nice pics bro

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