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A few weeks ago we bought a new house and now we are selling our two apartments. Last week the real estate agent’s photographer came to take pictures of our homes. Above and below are some images of my home.

I love my apartment and will be a little bit sad to sell it. But not for long as we will get a gorgeous new home. I will share some photos in a later stage.

Tomorrow I will post images of our other apartment. By the way, if you love aboriginal art perhaps you are interested to know that I will be selling some of my aboriginal paintings on Ebay (probably next week). I will also be selling a number of vintage vases.

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  • What a lovely home you have! Love the aboriginal art, the cute balcony and the pictures in the hallway! I can understand that you’re sad to sell it. But you can look forward to a beautiful new home to decorate. Can’t wait to see pictures of the other appartment and your new home.

  • I love how airy and open your homes feels! The grey wainscotting is so fresh and modern dispite it usually being used in traditional settings! I am always worried that adding too many earthy elements to a modern, or minimal decor would take away the clean line feel but you have shown me how beautiful it is! These pictures are true inspiration for when I move next month!

  • Hi Danielle,

    This looks lovely – the broker did a great job on the photos. You will sell it quickly I’m sure. 🙂 You know I’m interested in the aboriginal work, so when you have them listed on eBay please let me know. That way if I win, I can just collect them from you when I’m there in September and bring them back with me on the train. 🙂


  • Your home is so lovely! I love the combination of Asian/Moroccan/Modern! Beautiful. Please let us know when you are selling at Ebay, I am interested in some of your vases. Specifically, will you be selling the two white ones on your mantel?

    P.S. In case I haven’t told you – I love your blog! It is one of the many that I read everyday! Thanks for all the inspiration.

  • Hi Danielle,
    What a beautiful flat, we are selling our house too at the moment so I hope yours sells fast! I was wondering where the gorgeous twig frame above your mantel is from? Or its history? Ps your blog is my homepage! I love it (and you of course!)

  • Lovely house…it doesn’t look dutch at all 😉 although the streets do…vlaggetjes voor t EK?

    Goodluck selling your apartment..I’m sure it won’t take long.

  • Beautiful! Loved your home! I had a different idea of how it would look, I imagined it more ” ethnic”, darker earth colors…maybe because of the Le Souk pieces…Good luck with your new home!

  • It’s so beautiful, I’m sure this apartement will be sold in no time…enjoy and good luck with the preparations for your future home. Love to see images of course, irene xx

  • Thank you all for your kind comments!!

    To answer some of your questions:
    I will post a photo of our new house soon. We will not be moving in before December and then we will be renovating for a while. But I will post a photo of the house in its current state shortly!

    The driftwood mirror is from a French company called Bleu Nature. I bought it a few years ago when it was on sale. I love it! It will get a beautiful spot in our new home.

    Thanks again for your kind words! Good to hear that you enjoy reading my blog.