philip dixon’s moroccan retreat

At first sight you would think that this gorgeous house in located in the medina of Marrakesh, Morocco. But can you believe that this 6,000 square foot compound is right in the middle of the crowded streets of Venice Beach, USA?

The house belongs to fashion photographer Philip Dixon who was inspired by his trips around the world. He created this Moroccan retreat almost 20 years ago.

The Moroccan decor and style have been consistently carried out through the entire home and garden.

Throughout the house beautiful antique pieces of furniture and accessories can be found.

What do you think of this house? I love the style and think that this house is gorgeous but perhaps it is a bit too minimalistic (with all that concrete)?

(via Apartment Therapy)

11 Responses to philip dixon’s moroccan retreat

  1. I’m gonna live here one day. I have to!

  2. I missed the part that it is in CA and not Morroco. If you live in a hot spot, minimalism feels better psychologically.

  3. Stunning!!
    I suppose the effect is an ‘urban moroccan style’, but personally I would have added a bit of colour!!
    Overall, quite impressive!!

  4. Love, love, love this house! This is exactly how I could live!

  5. Very nice blog, very nice house, and good ideas!!!

  6. Wow! the kitchen design is amazing. I like the house overall. But if I was living there, I would probably add a punch of colors through accessories.

  7. It’s beautiful. But too stark and “cold” for me. But perhaps he wanted someplace super zen to escape to after all the color and confusion of his work days.

  8. Would love to retreat to here.

  9. Wow-if I lived there, I would always be peaceful and serene.

  10. I was envolve in some of the work at Philip`s
    house I did one of the bathrooms 1988-1989

  11. It is time to get our sun block cream, goggles and swimwear ready for a vacation. i want to go there.

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