dining rooms

No kitchens today’s (more kitchen to come tomorrow!), but in this post I have focussed on the dining area. By the way, a big THANK YOU for all of you that sent me links and addresses of kitchen designers in The Netherlands. This is very helpful!!

As you can see I love wood! I just collected some images that I liked when I was putting together this post I noticed that all the dining tables in these images are made from wood.

The image above is my favorite. The table, with it’s simple design, is just gorgeous!

(images from living etc)

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  • Lovely images! I have a wooden dining table myself and I love it! Really like the Cherner chair in the first image: a girl can dream!

  • who makes that gorgeous pendant lamp in the first photo? it looks, *gasp*, leather!? i want one.

  • Well, I think its not suprising to hear I’m (still?) in search for a perfect table myself. I hope our kitchen/dining area is done in december so we can celebrate Christmas with the family and then actually have a big enough table to eat on 🙂
    But because our budget is most spend on the kitchen we are probably going to buy an Ikea wooden table. I’m thinking of the Edefors or Jäsmunda. I love the Jäsmunda the most – I think it looks the neatest of those, actually, of all tables from Ikea!
    I love your recent post about kitchens and tables 🙂 although I already made the most decision already it does helps me to reflect them again and search out for other options. And (most important) to be glad with our choice. Although I sometimes can’t help but sigh for kitchens that are out of my reach….