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We are looking for a kitchen for our new house and I am searching the net for inspiration. We have specific ideas about our dream kitchen: we love natural materials (wooden cabinets) and the kitchen should have rustic and modern feel. Does anybody has advice/tips about kitchen builders / designers in The Netherlands?

Here are some images of kitchens that I like and that I will use to create our kitchen.

More kitchen inspiration to come in the next days! By the way, I would love to hear how your dream kitchen would like. Images are very welcome!

(images from living etc)

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  1. I like, specially the 1st, 2nd and 4th photos.

  2. Great inspiration.
    Living etc is my favourite home decor magazine:)
    And your blog is also one of my favourite blog to look at!

  3. Hi Danielle,

    I am loving all those inspirational pictures! A Dutch kitchen designer I love is Paul van de Kooi: A more afordable option is kvik: I guess you’ve already heard of these companies, but thought it was worth mentioning them.

    Good luck designing your dream kitchen!

  4. Hello Danielle,

    we have been working on a similar project – a house whose main floor is nothing more than an essküche (eat-in kitchen) for nearly four years- don’t ask – and i have a few images than i could share, but i just found your blog today and don’t know how i should attach images! please instruct.



    I really enjoy your blog. Interesting to see from across the world. Some wonderful ideas. Thank you

  6. I think I said it here before, but we just bought our kitchen. Unfortunatly I have no advice for you where to go. We just went to Grando. We also went to kvik but were dissapointed (prijs-kwaliteit verhouding was bijna schrikbarend teleurstellend voor ons! Grando bood ons voor bijna dezelfde prijs een veel betere keuken met veel betere aperaturen!).
    I wish you luck with finding your perfect kitchen – I know its hard.

  7. If you like wooden, handmade kitchens you might want to check out Fred Constant. He’s originally a furniture maker who now also designs kitchens. Piet Jan van den Kommer and Studio Op 16 (in Utrecht) are also great. Of course, if you’re on a smaller budget – like me – I can really recommend ‘t Schouw keukens ( or something): they’re a really nice, small company that doesn’t f*ck around with prices: I always hated when they first name a ridiculous price and then drop a couple of thousands in a heartbeat. Anyway: good luck!
    (and I really enjoy your blog)

  8. I recommend this architect in the Nederlands:

  9. I recommend this architect in the Netherlands:

  10. Those kitchens are divine! I think you and I have similar tastes in kitchens. I have a Flickr set of inspiring kitchens that you might like Danielle…

  11. Thanks for your comments and all the links and addresses of kitchen designers. This is very helpful!!

  12. I love the first 2 white kitchens! The second one would be my dream kitchen – beautiful!

  13. Its amazing that the kitchen image third down doesn’t look cluttered considering all the shelving.

  14. Thanks for the kitchen inspiration! I am also in the process of rounding up kitchen ideas, very helpful. Love your blog by the way.

  15. I like the old-school kitchens. Although I prefer more contemporary wooden kitchens.

  16. nice post, thanks for sharing!

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