Rugs by AMAZED

Remember the rug with the tire pattern that was featured here on the style files not that long ago? Apartment Therapy also posted about this rug as well and this post got mixed comments. The general feeling is that people like the creative idea behind it but would not have the rug in their own home. Which was exactly what I thought about this rug. AMAZED, the company that created the tire rug, has some gorgeous designs in their collection which are better suitable for the ‘less adventurous’ like myself.

And here another design for people who want a more creative rug. Click here to see the entire rug collection of Madeleine and Dudley Edwards.

8 Responses to Rugs by AMAZED

  1. I would totally have the tiretrack rug in my home!

  2. I love these top two. That second one looks like a Moroccan tile pattern. I am going to go check it out.

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  7. Coolest Rugs I have ever seen! This design really rocks! thanks for this post. You made my day!

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