Alexander Girard’s wooden dolls

wooden dolls
They are a delight for collectors, these wooden dolls from Alexander Girard. Girard (1907 – 1993) is famous for his bright coloured, lively patterned and rich textured textile designs. The designer had a deep interest in the folk art of South America, Eastern Europe and Asia, and drew inspiration from traditional handcrafted artefacts for his work. The colour palette, patterns and motifs that account for the recognisable distinctiveness of many of his designs can be traced back to these cultural roots. The Wooden Dolls, designed and made by Girard in 1963 for his own house in Santa Fe, were also inspired by his collection of folk art.

wooden dolls
Part decorative object and part toy, the Wooden Dolls were originally created for Girard’s own use. This mixed group of figures, some cheerful and others stern, is now being introduced in a special edition series based on documents and originals in the Alexander Girard Archive of the Vitra Design Museum. The dolls are hand painted and come in a wooden box. Click here to find out where you can buy the dolls in your country.

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