Tire rug

rug with tire print
I can’t remember where I have seen this rug, but I am intrigued by it ever since. Perhaps it is not something I would buy for my living room but I love the creative idea behind it. The rug with tire print is designed by Madeleine and Dudly Edwards. These applied artists from the UK transform rugs into sculpted masterpieces. Click here to go to their website, where you can see some of their other very original designs.

6 Responses to Tire rug

  1. i’m not sure how i feel about that rug, however i will give it credit for creativity. just seems so odd.

  2. Oh I really love it. Great find, that is the coolest idea – wouldn’t this be amazing if the designer started doing some with animal tracks — like deer?


  3. That is a great idea Holly! They do have a footprint rug in their collection. Did you see that one?

  4. this is really funny (in a good way!) i agree, i don’t know if i’d personally buy it, but i love the sense of wit and humor about it-

  5. Wow,amazing idea!i love it.

  6. I would love to buy a tire rug for my son’s room. Are they for sale?

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