Yindigo Ayano Mochizuki

When objects work is a Belgian company that is convinced that the search for pure, sober, simple forms belongs to all times and place as they are a source of inner balance and a good basis for combining styles from different periods. Uncluttered lines will always blend and basic shapes are timeless. It is this principle that inspires when objects work. All famous designers with whom they work with has to understand this approach.

One of these designers is Yindigo Monchizuki from Japan. Her ceramics collection is made from quality Japanese velvety ceramics. The sober shapes contribute to the high aesthetic value of Yindigo’s work. Check out her collection for when objects work, it is simply gorgeous.
The vessels of 3 bowls (top row) were used by ascetics for the purpose of collecting donations. Propeler (second row) consists of various elements: a coffee cup, an egg cup, a bowl and a plate. Cup and bowl bottoms have a convex slope, while the centre of the plates have concave shape to fix the composition and to pile them up if it were a small work of architecture.
Ivoir four is a paulownia wooden box with four ceramic vessels. The top of the box is not only the lid of the container but can also act as a tray for the vessels.

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