Hanne for Rörstrand

Rörstrand from Sweden is the second oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe and has been producing contemporary porcelain products since 1726. Searching on Ebay, you can find some great vintage Rörstrand pieces. But they also have great contemporary designs, like for instance these colorful mugs designed by Swedish designer Hanna Werning. The decoration on the mugs, named Hanna, is hand-applied and comes in black, green, blue, pink and yellow colourways.

I am always fascinated by where creative people get their inspiration from. This is what Hanna says about her inspiration source for these mugs: “It was a chest of drawers in my childhood home that inspired this design. My mother went on a study trip to Russia at the end of 1970s and brought some souvenirs back home with her. I remember playing with them throughout the whole of my childhood. It was from this that I got the idea for Hanna (the mugs).”

If you would like to add some color to your kitchen with these mugs, then click here to find Rörstrand retailers in your country.

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    I love the polaroid charms too… 😉

    (see polaroid charm entry for comments on the mugs)