Desire to Inspire

photo of arne jacobson butterfly chairs
Flickr photo pool Rooms I *heart* created by Holly from decor8 was a big success. Over a thousand members joined within a month. Because of the size of the group it was hard to manage and unfortunately Holly had to terminate the group. Active members of the Rooms I *heart* group Kim from Canada and Jo from Australia joined forces and created Desire to Inspire.

On this blog we can all share our favourite inspirational design photos with the rest of the world. So join in the fun and send your favourite design photos (from books, magazines, websites etc.) to Kim or Jo. It is important to clearly state the name of the source. Great initiative girls!

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  • Thank you so much Danielle for posting about our blog! Jo and I really appreciate it and are thankful for all the support we’ve been getting from everyone. BLOG ON SISTERS!!!!!

  • Hi there,
    thanks for info on Holly’s group “Rooms I *heart*” on Flickr, i was wondering what was happening, havving been a member and more group!

    I love the the photo, nice and clean breakfast place, very serene.
    Have a nice day !

  • Yes, I had to end the group because many members were not in compliance with Flickr rules for groups – posting images without crediting the source, for instance. Lots of these members could not speak English, for it was difficult to communicate with them in regards to these rules. I told Jo from Australia and Kim from Canada that I’d need to end the group and promptly did. In a matter of 3 days, I had 400 emails in my inbox asking about the group – it was amazing! I replied to as many people as I could to explain that I was working on an alternate location for the group, but for now, it was gone.

    It’s great that Jo and Kim started a group on their own, and I wish them lots of success. Jo was very concerned about copyright violation within Flickr, as was I, so I think a blog is a better place for the group anyway.

    All the best, ladies! 🙂