Marimekko Elevators

marimekko fabric
Elevator company KONE has asked Marimekko to decorate the internal walls of elevator cars with their designs. “Applying Marimekko designs to elevator cars will turn the ride into an experience that can be continued in other interior designs of the building. The agreement reflects the goal of both parties to make design a part of people’s everyday lives,” says Kirsti Paakkanen, President, Marimekko.

I certainly wouldn’t mind to see those gorgeous Marimekko designs in elevators and other public places.

marimekko fabric
More on Marimekko, they have just added some new fabrics to their 2007 collection. Please see some samples above. All patterns are simply gorgeous but I especially love those leave pattern fabrics designed by Björn Dahlström. Click here to see the rest of the new collection.

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