I have been tagged by Holly from decor8 and CeLee from dress your nest. Now I have to reveal six ‘weird’ things about myself. This was not too difficult. Although to me these six things I mention below are not weird at all, I know that some people find me weird (I prefer to say unusual or ‘not ordinary’) because of them. My opinion is that you should be proud of your ‘weird’ character traits. They make you unique and make you stand out of the crowd. So here they are!

1. One of my favourite songs (ever!) is 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton. Yes, I have a very eclectic taste in music… While cleaning the house I put the volume on and shamelessly sing along (you have to know that I sing out of tune because I am tone deaf).

2. What others have with shoes, I have with pillows. When I see a gorgeous pillow (case) I have to have it. Despite the fact that the last thing I need is another pillow. Also a $165 price tag (for one of those gorgeous Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillows) won’t stop me.

3. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures. Because of my you-have-to-try-everything-once attitude I have eaten fried spiders, fresh ants (they contain lots of vitamin C!), baked worms, bbq-ed crocodile ribs etc.

4. I do most of my shopping on the internet because I love getting packages. Every time the mailman rings on my door with a package my heart skips another beat. I know that I have paid for them myself, but to me they are like presents.

5. My boyfriend and me make up our own songs. We compose a new one almost every week. The best songs are created while doing the dishes.

6. I am the neighborhood’s cat lady. All the cats love my house (and I don’t even feed them!). I have had over 10 cats (not at once though) visiting me, while my balcony or front door was open. It has happened that, when I came into my living room after a good night sleep, a cat was lying on my (white!!) couch, deeply asleep and very content.

As almost everybody I know have been tagged, this one ends here.

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  • spiders, ants, worms and crocodile ribs?! You are definitely more adventurous than me! Too funny. I do share your obsession with pillows though 🙂

  • I am with you on #2! 🙂
    That is so cute (and creepy) about eating spiders and snakes. Yikes!! 🙂 You are quite a woman, Danielle…

    When you are in California this Spring, you’ll have to eat at American fast food chain restaurants like Jak in the Box and Taco Bell. To Europeans, that is usually the equivalent to Fear Factor. At least according to my German husband. 🙂



  • I definitely relate to #4. I love getting real things in the mail…When I was young I had over 200 penpals from all over the world (huge nerd, I know! I got lots of great stamps from the venture, though!)…I got so much mail every day back then – it was great! now all I get is junk mail…:P

  • I could never do Fear Factor as I’m very afraid of heights!!

    Good to hear that more people share my obsession with pillows!