A Spectacular Spanish Townhouse on Mallorca

Today I have an amazing house to show you! This five bedroom townhouse, which dates back to 1896, is located in the town of Sóller on Mallorca, Spain. I have stayed in Sóller and know the area and I can tell you that the location is ideal. The town itself is lovely but it is also close to the sea (there is an electric tram between Sóller and Port de Soller) and there are stunning views on the magnificent Tramuntana mountain range. But back to the house! A little bit of history: when scientists discovered the benefits of vitamin C in the late 18th century Sóller’s citrus trade boomed and the town saw a massive influx of wealth. It was during this time of opulence in 1896 that this townhouse was built. Parisian architects were hired and materials such as stained glass and wood were shipped in from all over the world. The result is a property with an air of grandeur and impeccable detail rarely seen anywhere else on the island. The property was kept within the same family who built it and tirelessly looked after it for 120 years until its most recent reformation. The stunning house with a south facing garden and a beautiful roof terrace has been put on the market via Bjurfors and you can find information on their website.

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