A Greek Summer Home on the Island of Milos

I love the colors and simple yet styling decor of this summer house. It’s a dream! Perched on the cliff edge in Plaka, the main town on the Greek island of Milos, the 19th century house (it was built in 1813!) has been carefully restored by K Studio to provide a London-based family with an authentically traditional yet practical summer retreat. Originally the house was divided into 2 zones; the ground floor as the main living and entertaining space and the basement, dug out of the mountain rock, as storage and utility space. The cave-like lower level has become a quietly calming guest suite, separated and private yet just a few steps down from the main house. Walls are roughly finished, following the natural surface of the stone, the floor is laid with organically arranged slate stones and natural light is low due to the small openings and reduced ceiling height.

You don’t need a mediterranean sea view to create a similar look. Style and decorate your home with items made of natural materials such as wood, rattan and linnen. Choose whites and beiges mixed with a light blue and for the bedroom use grey and cinnamon colored bed linnen. In this post you can find some product suggestions in the look & feel of this gorgeous Milos home.

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  • What a beautiful interiror you have!
    We allways go to Crete, every year.
    Our own house has the colours of Greece, all the soft blue and we have a little greece/crete arround us? I will think about Milos for an other year maybe, the seaside is a must, warm greetings,