Beautiful Wallpaper Designs for Nurseries & Kids Rooms

Lulu and Georgia has the most beautiful wallpaper designs that are perfect for nurseries, kids rooms or play rooms. Here are some of my favorites. Above: Mr. Fox wallpaper is inspired by old historic, vintage art and decor.

Above: Sparrow wallpaper is part of the exclusive Rylee + Cru wallpaper collection that features minimalist designs inspired by travel, nature and vintage illustrations.

Above: Tropical wallpaper

Above: Woodland wallpaper and Sparrow wallpaper

Above: the Woodland wallpaper is one of my favorites. An enchanted forest scene in a simple black and white sketch makes the Woodland Wallpaper a modern and whimsical addition to a nursery or children’s play area.

Above: another one of my favorites is this adorable Mr. Fox wallpaper

Above: Tropical wallpaper

Above: the Jungle wallpaper is lush and full of life. The design is playful and perfect for children’s rooms, but also suitable for a more sophisticated mural.

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