An Apartment Complex in a Historic Building on Mallorca

First of all, my apologies for my absence! Life has been hectic for the last couple of weeks. Selling our home and buying a new home (more about that in a later stage) have completely absorbed my time. The next few months will remain busy but I promise that I will post more frequently! Today we visit the Spanish island of Mallorca where an historic 400 year old building in the city of Palma de Mallorca has been beautifully renovated in a living complex of 12 highly personalized apartments and an amazing open patio with a pool and lounge area at the heart of it all. The apartments all have their individual angles. Most have private terraces and balconies, which extend the social area. On the first floor, which is the original ‘planta noble’ of the house, the apartments instead have winter gardens and extra ceiling height. And what unites all apartments is the very heart of the building – as most residents have a view towards the lush open-air garden and pool area with sun, shade, lounge groups and a guest apartment. The design of this apartment complex called Impremta Garden is a collaboration between Spanish architects AVW Arquitectura and Swedish interior design studio Whyte Lilja. I have been to Palma and I can say that it is a beautiful city. It’s easy to sense the centuries’ presence as you walk the narrow streets of Palma’s Old Town. This inner city, which was formerly an Arab ‘medina’, with city walls and a seafront bustling with pirates, merchants, explorers and invaders – was the Mediterranean gateway between Africa, Europe and Turkey. Layers upon layers have shaped the city as we know it today, and many of the older structures bear countless dramatic anecdotes, tales and more or less unconfirmed war stories.

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