Can you believe that this beautiful throw is easy to make? You don’t need any knitting needles as you use your arms for knitting. At Stylecookie you can find the tutorial video.

Credits & source: Anke Helmich & Sanne Tulp @ for Libelle’s issue 43 | tutorial by Anke Helmich & Wenda Torenbosch.


  1. Would you be able to tell me where this wool is from, or places to get simpler ply wood? 🙂 x

  2. May I please know the secret behind this beautiful throw

  3. I love this

  4. That’s so pretty! What kind of wool yarn is that? I’m trying to find this from eBay but haven’t so far..

  5. Hi Jenni, You have to search for thick unspun wool (for example here on Etsy: and Good luck!

  6. I love this blanket! How much of the wool roving do you need? One of your links was seeking 6lb. I’d like an advantage size blanket like the one in the picture. Thank you for your tutorial also. Very well done

  7. What is the best kind of yarn to use for this project?

  8. patricia wagner

    Hi, I am the french editor of a french woman and DIY magazine called Modes&Travaux. I love your DIY blanket. I would like to publish the photo in our magazine on my editor page of january. Obviously your website will be mentionned. Do you mind ?
    Modes&Travaux is 404 000 issues in France every month.

  9. Hi, i’m following your blog and would love to know where the wool came from to do this. Help!
    I am in London so if you have a brand name that i could try to source, that would be great

  10. For questions about the blanket or questions about the photography and publisching the photos,
    you can mail us ( Anke en Sanne) at or have a look at our site

    Daniëlle, Bedankt voor de fijne post! Zou je er aub nog bij willen melden dat de foto met model en plaid gemaakt is voor Libelle nr. 43 door Anke Helmich en Sanne Tulp van
    De tutorial op onze site is gemaakt door Anke Helmich en Wenda Torenbosch (die ook dit mooie plaid voor ons gemaakt heeft)
    Thanks Anke en Sanne (

  11. To everyone asking where this yarn can be purchased; You can find it on Esty. ( OhHio) was the Shop name, through Pinterest. Once there, you can read through the reviews for yourself as it was a mixed bag of good & bad

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