Door and window furniture (in Dutch: deur- en raamkrukken) should not only be functional, it is important that they are visually and aesthetically pleasing as well. After all, these fittings are the finishing touch to a home. This is why Dutch manufacturer Intersteel has collaborated with well-known designers to create a collection of high quality door and window furniture that will look beautiful in any home. Together with Intersteel I would like to introduce you to three of these designers, their work and their design philosophy.


Designer Erik Munnikhof (image above) has collaborated with various international brands such as Casala and Kembo. His work is characterized by a clean design. Erik is always looking for, as he puts it, “the optimal mix of aesthetics, ergonomics, ecology, economics, design and functionality.” For Intersteel he designed ‘Dock line’, a collection of door and window handles that is modular which enable the customer to choose between the warmth of walnut, the modern look of stainless steel or the soft feel of synthetic material. The Dock line has recently been awarded with a Goed Industrieel Ontwerp (= Good Industrial Design) award, a Dutch design award that is similar to the American Idea award and the German Red dot award.


The drive for perfection and an eye for detail, that is the groundwork of Intersteel designer Bas König (above) “I derive my inspiration from the everyday and think that comfort and quality is an important starting point” says Bas. He has designed the Fusion line, Intersteel’s latest collection of door and window handles which is inspired by Bas’ passion for fusion cooking. ”Combining different cooking styles and discover new flavours gives me an amazing feeling”. This combination of different styles is reflected in his designs where the modern look of stainless steel is combined with the soft feel of black rubber. The result is a unique line of door and window furniture with a special combination of materials.


Arjan Moors is a product and interior designer who has certainly earned his reputation in the (design) furniture industry. Arjan derives his energy and inspiration from the simplicity of the everyday. His handle design, with its three edges, is characterized by the minimalistic Japanese art of elimination. “Less is Moors” is Arjan’s credo. In 2013 he was awarded the highly coveted IF design award for three door handle designs (handles no. 2, no. 4 and no. 5) for Intersteel.
Intersteel has mastered the art of linking modern technology with an elegant design. For every style they have a product line that adds an extra element to the interior. You can find an overview of their products on their website.

This post has been created in collaboration with Intersteel.

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