It is time for another tour around my home! Today I am showing you our living room. We have an open plan living area and kitchen. Our home is about 100 years old and used to be an small farm. So a very modern interior does not fit here. The interior is a mix of vintage and modern with lots of natural materials. I would describe the look as rustic chic. We have used vintage kelim cushions, a vintage rug, wooden accessories such as a wooden stool, aboriginal paintings from Australia, dining chairs from Piet Hein Eek and the rattan pendants lights are from IKEA. The lovely lantern lights in the last image are made from recycled confiture jars. Next time I will be showing you our kitchen (you can see a glimpse of it in the second photo). Other tours around our home: our kitchen, our garden, our bathroom, our master bedroom, Kick’s bedroom and playroom.







All images are taken by Paulina Arcklin.

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  • Soooo very beautiful!!
    I’m wondering if you could tell me about the finish you have on the floor boards? Are they Oak with a white wash? Do you know if they have been oiled or varnished? They look stunning. I’m hoping to achieve a similar finish with American oak, but the oil finish on the sample looks too dry / raw & unfinished, any info you can provide would be really appreciated!
    Thanks for sharing. Kate

  • Hi Kate, Thanks for your comment! Our floor boards are Oak with a white wash (oil). We have them for about 6 or 7 years now. We do use a special cleansing soap which has white pigments in it so it not only cleanses the wood but give it a new layer of white wash every time you cleanse the floor.I hope this is helpful!

  • Hoi Danielle,

    Ik vind de toer door (en om) je huis echt heel leuk! Ik kijk nu al uit naar het volgende deel, de keuken. De witten en naturellen die overal terugkomen vind ik echt heel mooi. Fris en warm tegelijk, geen van beiden overheerst. Knap gedaan!


  • Lovely home!!!! All details are beautiful!!! The rug is amazing!!!! It is so nice when we have a beautiful rug in our living room!!!! On my I have a stunning black cobra rug By Koket that makes my living room looks amazing!!!

  • Stunning! Everything. All of it, inside and out. (I revisited the amazing exterior and your to-die-for bathroom) Thank you for posting photos of your home. It’s bold, bright and beautiful yet also warm and welcoming. You are incredibly talented and I can’t wait for more on the rest of your space, especially the kitchen. I absolutely love your blog!

  • I’m thinking if you could tell me about the complete you have on the ground boards? Are they Oak with a white-colored wash? Do you know if they have been lubricated or varnished? They look amazing.

  • Hello Danielle!
    Stunning house, absolutely wonderful!! I’m furnishing my first house now and I was looking for a floor lamp just like yours. Do you know were can I find it?
    Thanks a lot! Ângela

  • hello danielle, lovely work!
    i would like to ask about that leather armchair.
    who is the manufacturer?
    thanks a lot.

  • Thank you all for your very kind comments. Happy to hear that you like my home!

    @tonisha: the floor is made of oak, it has a white wash finish (oil).
    @jabob: the arm chair is made in Indonesia and I purchased it here in The Netherlands.

  • Wat een prachtig interieur heb je!! Mooi warm met de kelim kussens. Ik volg the Style-Files al jaren met veel plezier! Dank je wel voor al je inspiratie!

  • I love your living room – absolutely beautiful! I’m very curious where that amazing coffee table is from?

  • I do love your living room – absolutely beautiful! I’m curious where the living room low coffee table is from?

  • Gorgeous living area with a great vibe. Do you have any plans for the windows, curtains? Or is it a conscious choice to leave the windows bare?

  • @Sonja: we don’t have any curtains because we don’t need them. We have a garden around our home and the only the cows can peek inside..

  • I absolutely love the coffee table and have been searching online for slabs of wood to make one but do you know what kind of wood it is? Unless it is possible that there is a website for where you purchased it?

  • I am from Australia and love your blog and pinterest boards! Just wondering who the aboriginal artist is of the beautiful art work you have in your living room, and which gallery you purchased it through? It’s amazing!

  • You’re my role model as it has to do with interiors! Great home. Hope that always will be filled with love and happiness!!

  • Hi Danielle
    Your home is gorgeous!
    I’m in love with your rug. Can you tell me where it’s from?

  • Dear Danielle, just trying to find a lovely fabric couch. yours is amazing. would you tell me where it can be bought? have a lovely 2015! Nadine

  • Gorgeous, serene home! Could you give the dimensions? We’re trying to figure out how large our Living Room/Kitchen should be, and it looks like you got it just right!

  • beautiful home!!! Would you mind letting me know where you got your arm chair? Many thanks.

  • Hi Danielle
    I really liked your dinner table, can you please tell me what kind of wood it’s made of?


  • Hi Matias, the table is made from reclaimed wood from houses in Croatia that were destroyed during the war. People injured as a result of the war made the table and because of this they can make an income despite their handicap. I guess the type of wood is oak.

  • Im in love with your living room is perfect! where did you find that couch? what fabric is it? and what color exactly?


  • @nathalia, Hi, the couch is from Dutch label Linteloo but I do not the name of the color and the fabric as it is 7 years ago that we purchased it..

  • Im so in love with this rug!! I been looking for months with no luck…where did you get urs? I need to find a rug like this for my living room I hope you can help me.

    Your home is beautiful 🙂

  • Hi. Can you please tell me where you bought your arm chair or maybe who designed it – it is very nice 🙂 thanks