I can’t imagine painting the walls of our home any other color thn white but according to stylist Lotta Agaton black will be the new white in 2014. In this French home almost all walls are painted in a dark color. I think it is stylish but for me personally it is too dark. What do you think, will black be the new white? By the way, you can find some images of my home (with white walls!) here and here on Instagram.






Source: images by Romain Ricard.

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  • All of the photos are gorgeous. But the black tile is incredibly beautiful! I wonder if lighting is extra critical for the effect.

  • I love black walls and think they would look absolutely amazing in a large room with big industrial style windows that let light flood in.
    Think it just depends on the setting. In our narrow Victorian terrace we have all white walls (like you), as we need to fight for as much light as possible. In fact, we even have white washed floorboards for extra lightening effect!

  • I think it’s beautiful. In a large room it would be gorgeous, especially if you match it with bright colours like white. Black absolutely could become the new white !

  • Black accents are fine but I find too much black in a home is depressing, morbid, dreary and unimaginative. No one ever accused me of not being opinionated 🙂

  • at least as an accent, as candice said. i want to do at least ONE wall in dark grey or black. i love how dramatic and moody it can look. there is something so sumptuous about it. personally i find it imaginative – or at least as imaginative as white. it just provokes a different kind of mediation and imagination! 🙂

  • We have only one wall painted with “off-black” by Farrow&Balls and it works brilliantly. The rest is white…….apartment from the 19th century in Berlin (185qm).

    YES, I would only use it as an accent.

  • I love dark walls – and I’d love to see black become the new white – but I think it’d be hard to convince the masses. I think going dark is an easy (and cost effective) way to get a dramatic ‘wow’ look. In my opinion (for what it’s worth) it feels harder (and more expensive) to achieve this with light colours – you need to have incredible architectural details, or fabulous furniture, or amazing art… to get wow with white. I’ve gone quite dark (admittedly not black, black) in my interior and I always get compliments.

  • Black is, and always will be gorgeus in my opinion, but I don’t think it will be the new white concerning walls. For most, its too dark and bold. In my home the walls of the main spaces are white (with some wallpaper walls), but one room has black walls (my 12-year old son loves black). It looks really good with white laquered floors and white furniture. I think dark walls works best in bedrooms and such.

  • The lower half of my old kitchen is painted eggshell finish Benjamin Moore Black Jack, almost as if the whole room had been dipped, and the effect is unifying and restful. We then made one bedroom wall in my son’s new apartment matt black and it gives the whole room depth. Is it a fashion? Yes of course, but it works!

  • Beautiful home. I love the print of the face with just eyes and a mouth. Is there any way to find out who the artist is? Thanks, A

  • Hi, I love your pages. I’m trying to track down the black tiles used in the kitchen. Any ideas?