I love Greece as it has so many beautiful holiday destinations. We will be going to Crete, one of the largest of the Greek islands, in May. But these beautiful eco residences on Serifos are now also on my holiday wish list! On the most beautiful beach in Serifos, which is overlooking the endless blue horizon charm and the landscape of Cyclades, lies COCO-MAT resort. This complex of 13 small traditional Cycladic houses was built in the early 20th century to accommodate the miners of the island. The renovation of the complex was conducted with full respect for the Cycladic landscape and the rules of bioclimatic architecture, converting the existing building into a summer earthly paradise. The decor of the houses is fresh and cozy: blue shutters, white plastered walls and beautiful stenciled concrete floors. Balconies and windows of all the residences have breathtaking sea view to the sea and to the beautiful gardens of the hotel. Summer here seems to last forever!










Source: via Grecian Paradise.

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  • When I lived in Greece, I used to buy things by Coco-Mat in Corinthos…it was so good qualite ! So nice the view fro this island, I like it. Bye Christine

  • I’m going to Crete too beginning of May for 2 weeks. somewhere around Chania. Never been before. Can anyone tell if there are any eye candies to see in the white “the style files” style? 🙂
    I went to Zakynthos two years ago and I recommend buying a few interior magazines from Greece. I brought a pile back with me to Poland and I go back to them often for inspiration.
    Danielle , I love your ” white on white” posts! thank you and have a great holiday.

  • I hope you have a great time in Crete (looking forward to your photos)… and this hotel is very ‘Greek’ and serene!
    There are so many beautiful destinations in Greece & each one so different from the other! I try to visit a different island each year and I am always amazed by the beauty!