With children and animals it might not be the most practical choice but I do love white wooden floors. White floors are often used in countries that don’t have a lot of day light (in winter time) to brighten up a room and to let as much light in as possible. It is also inexpensive way to fix up old wood floors.







(image source: 1. Taverne, 2. & 6. Ikea Family Live, 3. Petra Bindel, 4. Stilizimo, 5. Peter Carlsson for Hus & Hem, 7. Scandinavian Deko)


  1. I love how the white floorboards complement the white walls, ceiling and fixtures. It’s gives such a crisp and clean feel.

  2. Jaa heel mooi, witte vloeren! En dan vooral houten witte vloeren. Het is dat ik zelf een mooie eikenhouten vloer heb, anders zou er een wit laagje overheen gaan!

  3. i was just thinking this a.m. that i would still love some white painted floors.

    instead i went for junckers nordic ash here in the states. pale but not quite as rustic. apparently i can take it with me when i leave here though! which is nice.

  4. Just beautiful pictures. The rooms are serene and stylish. I love how in each picture the white is contrasted against either a rustic tone or black (including the cat!) I love white, but I don’t like rooms to feel too cold and characterless, adding a colour through the addition of furniture or accessories, just breaks up any hard lines and softens the scene a bit. Picture 1 is my fav, I like how even though all the chairs are white because they are a mix of styles it isn’t boring and the ceiling detail adds texture – Gorgeous.

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