warm & cozy fireplaces


One of the things that I like about winter is lighting up our fireplace. Sitting close to the fire with a glass of red port, these are the moments I love (although I am more of a summer person). Today some beautiful interiors, all with fireplaces. Which one is your favorite?






(image source: 1. Mikkel Adsbøl, 2. Messana O’Rorke, 3. Est Magazine, 4. Randi Andreassen, 5. Graine Ficelle, 6. Petra de Munck)

4 Responses to warm & cozy fireplaces

  1. Oh, I wish I had a fireplace in my apartment! One day when I’ll be living in my own house I’ll definitely have those cozy autumn/winter nights near fireplace 🙂
    My favorite is the first picture!

  2. They are all beautiful. And I agree with you: It is so nice to seat close to the fire.

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