wood & black


Lately I have been drawn to darker colors, which definitely has something to do with the weather. I love the combination of black (or dark grey) with wood. These images show that this is such a beautiful combination, especially in winter time.





(image source: 1. Cathrine Aarsland Photograpy, 2.Loppelilla, 3. mixr, 4. Moa Og Kaffekoppen, 5. Caisak)

6 Responses to wood & black

  1. Best combination ever :))

  2. I am loving this combo too!
    Adds warmth to the depth and richness of the dark colours

  3. great combo
    which I, by the way, picked for my new living room
    the fireplace is in use almost daily.
    comfortable and elegant living room look.

    best wishes

  4. The colours make me feel that Christmas is soooo close!!i LOVE IT!

  5. Heb je enig idee waar ik een valse hertenkop zoals op foto 1 kan vinden?

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