bathroom wall inspiration


Do you have tiles in your bathroom or do you prefer a different coating on your walls? Today’s post features both options! Tadelakt (as used in the image above) is a great if you don’t want to use tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. It is a waterproof lime plaster traditionally used in hammams and bathrooms of the riads in Morocco.


The beautiful shiny tiles in the picture above give a totally different effect and atmosphere (tiles and image from Walker Zanger).

5 Responses to bathroom wall inspiration

  1. Those tiles are gorgeous. They almost read like capiz shells.

  2. Wow what a difference these tiles make! The walls look so beautiful; it looks like a high-end spa for your home!

  3. I am embarassed to admit I haven’t really read much about Tadelakt, and thought it was some kind of limestone equivalent when I first saw the thumbnail. It looks really cool, sort of “Old World-y” and Mediterranean inspired.

  4. can you share, please, what WZ collection those tiles are from? i can’t seem to find them on WZ’s website, and i *love* them!

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