table with wine chiller


Today I’m loving … this outdoor table with built-in wine cooler at Medlock Ames winery in California. Clever idea!

(image via Dwell)

13 Responses to table with wine chiller

  1. This is brilliant! I could see it having uses for keeping all sorts of other things as well…

  2. Wow, this is AMAZING! What a brilliant idea! Note taken.

  3. I’ll enjoy that table set up anytime!

  4. This is awesome, now you don’t have to dig in a cooler to find out what there for refreshment when outdoors!!!

  5. Wow. I’m definitely going to need one of these. Brilliant!

  6. love this…and am dying to check out medlock ames too.

  7. Love love love this..could see so many uses !!

  8. Fantastic! I want one for my backyard!

  9. The outdoors + wine (cold white wine… my favorite!) = unbeatable! They should start making all picnic tables like this 🙂

  10. Stephanie Salinsky

    What is the price for this???????????

  11. Deborah Pattillo

    Great idea for condiments, too

  12. Any idea what the piece in the middle would be called or where to find it?? I mean I’m sure it’s re purposed right?

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