lovely white


These inspiring interior images are from the portfolio of French photographer Yann Deret. I just love white..


(images by Yann Deret / via Desire To Inspire)

9 Responses to lovely white

  1. I love these! I’m painting my walls white this fall. I’m thinking a bone-ish white will look good!

  2. It looks amazing! And it is comfortable for us!

  3. I wonder why we human beings find white so restful and soothing. It seems to be an innate response. Maybe like plants we’re drawn to light!

  4. I want that chair, it looks so comfortable!!!

  5. i like the black chair in the bottom left picture

  6. does anyone know about the couch in the bottom left picture?

  7. lerona antalya

    very clean and minimal style. i like it!
    looks like lerona furnitures. check them:

  8. I really like the white window screens and the dark black cushion sofa!!!

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