stools for sale


This pic is from our kitchen. The wooden stools are for sale (see ad on Marktplaats here). For people living in The Netherlands only as the stools can not be shipped.

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  1. Love the stools! Unfortunately, they’re too big to take with on the plane back to the US 🙁

    Gotta say I LOVE Marktplaats! I’ve already bought six different things and had them all shipped to my sis in Amersfoort – we’re not even heading to NL till late September!

  2. love it and want to buy but unfortunatelly couldn t understand anything.

  3. not for the stools…
    but could you please tell me what is this countertop made of?
    and if you remember the exact name?

  4. @Elvira, the top is made from composite, a mix of concrete and a small percentage of some other material (to make it more durable).

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