handrail made from branches


Although we have been living in our house for two years now there are still a list of unfinished projects. One of those projects was making a handrail for our stairs. We finally finished the handrail this week and I think it is gorgeous. We have used branches as a handrail to add a rustic feel which can be found throughout our entire home.


Carpenter Michiel helped us executing the idea we had of using branches. If you are looking for a good carpenter in the Amsterdam and Waterland region, I can fully recommend Michiel. Contact me if you would like to have his details.

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  1. So beautiful, Danielle! Looks fantastic!

  2. That is beyond beautiful Danielle, and so individual! Just perfect~


    Its so gorgeous, and I am sure it was worth the wait!

  4. Fabulous and it will just get more beautiful with time and numerous hands polishing it!

  5. Very special! You will enjoy every day …

  6. that is a beautiful banister! what type of wood is it? maybe you have an exterior deck and would like to check out my rustic wood railing

  7. Beautiful idea for a banister! Sx

  8. So much more awesome than my totally unhip boring pine handrail…i’m copying this if i find a long enough and think enough stick!

  9. Super moooooi!!!

  10. so beautiful, i am now planning to do the same, inspiring blogger you are 🙂 But the main question: where do i find such nice banisters????
    Keep up all the good work! xx

  11. Great idea – this looks fantastic … thanks for sharing

  12. Hello, i am working on setting up a website which deals with stairs and related things … is it possible to post a small picture under the picture section to show your great handrail? I will set a link to this article and post a small version of the picture if it is allright for you?! Thanks and have a nice day!

  13. Can you pls send me the details of Michiel!!

  14. What a beautiful idea for a handrail. I love how natural yet still refined it is.
    I would greatly appreciate any details you are willing to share on where you sourced it? Thank you in adavance

  15. kun je mij de gegevens van Carpenter Michiel sturen?

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