deer duvet cover


The Deer duvet cover from by nord looks beautiful in the photo (available in kids and adult sizes). It matches really well with the gorgeous Kili bed. This Danish design is not only beautiful but also practical as it actually grows with your child from the birth all the way to approx. 7 years old. Very Scandinavian!

(image from kjerstis lykke)

6 Responses to deer duvet cover

  1. I LOVE anything with a deer or deer pattern on it right now! Beautiful bedding!! :))

  2. Loving everything about that adorable kiddie room…

  3. love that bed!! I will have to forward this to my sister.

    and that deer pattern, sweet!

  4. So pleased to read they do an adult size as this is cool!

  5. loved it so much i posted it on our blog!! (and love the tree one by nord too!)

  6. So cool…lovin’ the fresh and airy feel of the space, so restful for a baby!

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