more bathroom inspiration


More bathroom inspiration! Grey is a beautiful color to use in bathrooms, especially combined with accessories in different blue and grey tones like in the photo above.


It is not very practical but I love the wooden floor in the bathroom in the top right image.


(images from the portfolio of stylist Lotta Agaton)

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  • Oooohhh… thank you for the bathroom post! There is nothing I love more in interior design than an open bedroom with a bathtub. I just imagine how luxurious it would be (and sexy) to step out of the tub right into bed…

  • I love my bathroom, but now I love this look more – help!
    Actually it’s not unobtainable, all I have to do is weather and pickle every bit of wood, change the floor and the accessories, sounds doable…

  • I completely agree – grey is definitely the best colour for the bathroom! We’re currently adding an ensuite to our flat and have gone for charcoal grey tiles but these light grey bathrooms also look amazing…

  • Different shades of grey look great together like here, with weathered wood, or driftwood. I´m all about texture!

    Thanks for the lovely photos!
    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  • Actually, a wooden floor isn’t as unattainable as it seems. Or rather: a floor that looks like wood. There are a variety of tiles available that mimic wood, even the grain is included. Some of the more up-scale versions are wood-like enough to pass muster even upon close inspection.

  • Absolutely beautiful photos and colors. I actually love dark slatey grays as well…with dark, slatey blues! You just cannot achieve these looks in a new house…..
    I love older architecture with the unmatchable character and sort of rustic freedom that only comes with aging.
    I live in an old cement home with old cement and brick patios and winding paths through gardens with chipped and weather worn statues and garden ornaments.
    This is the feel I get from these bath photos….Just gorgeous!

  • love the aged, textured look of the wall in the top photo. so lovely. and at the very bottom, the ultra sleek bathtub in that high-ceilinged classical greek-y room. drool.

  • Gorgeous! My whole house is gray and white but the bathroom needs a do-over (came with dark wood cabinet sinks and tan travertine flooring/tan marble tiles) because it doesn’t really work with the gray. Loving that top image a lot!

  • What bathroom vanity, style and color, would look good with wood cedar walls and tan ceramic flooring?