bathroom inspiration


Today I’m loving … this gorgeous bathroom.

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  1. Me too! I love the antique drawers and the leather chair in contrast with all the white. And that bathtub. I want it.

  2. LOVE this!! I now need that chair…

  3. nice bathroom – i like it a lot

  4. The bathtub, the wooden floor, the metal drawers, the leather armchair… just perfect! I also posted a whole bunch of Scandinavian bathrooms here this morning:

  5. lovely, bathroom, my dream bathroom.
    wish that was my bathroom

  6. mesmerizing! i think i could live in there..

  7. I used to love reading your blog, but lately it’s been a little boring. I’ll still read it though =)

  8. Nice bathroom… I wish i have a bathroom designed like that.

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