home made lemonade


It’s going to be a very warm weekend here in The Netherlands. Time to make ice cold homemade lemonade! I usually make mine with limes and fresh mint but there are thousands of different recipes. You can find some recipes here. Have a great weekend!

(images from Free People Clothing Boutique Blog)

8 Responses to home made lemonade

  1. that looks insanely good!

  2. I didn’t take time to do it myself … But I had a very fresh Champaign bottle in the fridge… As I know you can’t drink on that moment… I take a glass for you (& bb)…Santé!!

  3. i love those bottles!!!!

  4. This looks so delicious–I will have to make lemonade with mint–and of course the bottle makes all the difference! Hoping you are having a wonderful summer!

  5. Hi Lau, ohh champagne that is even better! You are right: I can’t have any for a while but there are a couple of bottles in the fridge waiting for me.. Santé!

  6. Love the look of the bottles, but did you have any problems getting the lemons and mint out when the bottle was empty and it was time to clean it?

  7. love this post – thanks for sharing : ) xx

  8. Nice bottles, does somebody know where can I get them? Thanks. =)

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