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Today some more bedroom & bed linen inspiration! The beautiful images come from the portfolio of Finnish stylist Susanna Vento. The crocheted bedspread in the image above is just gorgeous. I love these kind of bedspreads and I never can resist buying when I find one. I am now selling some vintage crocheted bedspreads (as I am having too many): you can find them on my Flickr page.


I am not a big fan of the color pink but I love the powdery pink shade in the images above.

(images via Susanna Vento – stylist)

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  1. I absolutely love the pillow in the last image. The color is unexpected, given that it is reminiscent of a fish’s scales. Just gorgeous!

  2. I love bedspread #7. How much are selling it for? And what about shipping?


  3. gorgeous! the colors are so serene. love.

  4. Love your blog. I am not a big pinklover myself either. But i do like these faded shades. And they work perfectly with grays and black, making them more soft….
    The bedroom with the hanging lamps is gorgeous! So is the bedspread. Love to make up the bed with spread and cushions…never leave the house without doing so…

  5. i keep window shopping online for linens, duvet covers and blankets without buying anything any this post is making it very difficult for me to stop! lol. crocheted blankets, so so pretty. and you’re right, that’s the perfect pink.

  6. Wow! My great-grandmother had a crocheted bedspread that she made herself. I remember being four and walking into her bedroom and falling in love with it.

    Thanks for the memory trip…

  7. Just had a look at the bedspreads on your Flikr set, just gorgeous!

  8. Hi!

    I absolutely love your blog! I was wondering if you had any of the bedspreads left especially no 1. How much would it cost with shipping included (Savannah, Georgia USA). Thanks for the daily inspiration!


  9. Looks wonderful. Great reading your post as well.


  10. wonderful, no wonder you picked it up. Great blog, just found it today

  11. Despina Perraki

    Can you inform me please about your offers!Thank You!

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