20% discount on piet hein eek baskets

piet hein eek baskets - now with 20% discount

Famous Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek has created a beautiful collection of baskets for Fair Trade Originals. Together with traditional craftsmen he made the baskets out of scapwood at a small workshop in Vietnam. All pieces are made according to the Fair Trade principles. These unique designs are now available at Le Souk. As an introduction we now offer you a 20% discount. This offer is valid until 25 June or as long as supply lasts.

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  1. This baskets are great – for a long time i thought baskets and wicker baskets are old style and boring, but on an market near my city i found a group of women from denmark which had really cool baskets and stuff out of reed. One of the women was named Dorte Tilma … but i can’t remember the groups name … thanks a lot and have a nice day!

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