inspiration wall


Today I am loving … this inspiration wall. Such a great idea for creating an inspiring working environment.

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  1. Love inspiration walls, this one is great!!


  2. I thought I had a great vision board but this is something else. Love it!

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  4. wild, inspirational and fun!

  5. Ah! I love this photograph. I have it on my inspiration door. I miss Domino Magazine!

  6. That’s my dear dear friend’s inspiration wall! So nice to find it here now.

  7. that’s my wall from my old apartment! thanks for featuring! Shot by Melanie Acevedo, photog fab

  8. Again, a nice posting, Much appreciated. I wanted to say I just made a point of reading your earlier posts you made and I learned a lot. I’ll be back.

  9. Hay , this is a very nice wall, i want it in my office.

    I follow you and i am inspired by your blog.

    Giny Schoenmaker

  10. Nice photo ! Love that chair !

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