crochetted pouffe

I love the crocheted pouffes that I have been seeing lately but unfortunately they are all quite expensive. That is why I am happy to have found a very affordable version which is available at Le Souk. This crocheted pouffe, hand-made on the Philippines, is €119.95. The beautiful grey colour is very versatile as it fits very well with any other colour. PS: the image is shot in our house.

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  1. What a smart and cute piece of furniture. And your new home looks just wonderful from the pictures you’ve posted so far. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks Alexandra, I will be posting more pictures of our house soon!

  3. Your house must be stunning, beautiful flooring! I Can’t wait to see more photos! By the way … I love Your style and Your blog, I have been reading it for quite a long time before I started my own “interior design” blog.
    I wish You all the best!

  4. I love this! Knits are so nice in living rooms!

  5. I love the crocheted pouffes. I always thought the leather was a bit harsh for my taste, but these are perfect.

  6. What a lovely space. Good for you.

  7. How beautiful! I love simple yet tactile pieces of furniture. And by an open fire! Perfect.

  8. I’m absolutely smitten with these – I wonder if I could figure out how to crochet one myself. let me know if you see a pattern for one around.

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