amsterdam: hermitage museum

If you are Amsterdam the very recently opened Hermitage museum is an interesting place to visit. The Hermitage is a first true satelite museum of the famous Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

The museum is located in the Amstelhof building, which used to be a care home for the elderly for over 300 years. The building was redesigned and renovated by Dutch architect Hans van Heeswijk. The Amstelhof has a very characteristic classical facade that extends along the River Amstel for 102 metres. Its proportions are exquisite; its design is simple and symmetrical.

The interior is designed by Merkx+Girod architects who also designed the large opening exhibition ‘At the Russian Court’, on display till January 31st 2010.

The two main focal points of the exhibition, the Russian Emperal Protocal and the The Russian Emperal Ball, are located in the two main Halls. The formal aspects of the first and the more festive aspects of the second have been made visible in the exhibition through the use of different materials, colour and spatial organisation.

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  • This museum is a very good excuse to come and spend a weekend in amsterdam. I love Amsterdam, but probably not for the reason people in general like Amsterdam! I love the museums, the history of the city, the people and the architecture. Weekend in Amsterdam for sure before the end of the summer!

  • one of the most special times of my life was when my parents too me to st. petersburg and we visited the hermitage museum. still seems like a dream many years later.