droog design

Last week I posted about this house that is decorated with furniture and accessories from Dutch label Droog Design. Here are some of the Droog items that can be found in this home. The image above shows the milk bottle lamp designed by Tejo Remy.

Clockwise, starting at the upper left corner: the Rag chair from Tejo Remy, the 85 Lamps is designed by Rody Graumans, the Chest of drawers is also from Tejo Remy, the Hare mat is designed by Ed Annink, Chris Kabel’s Shady Lace parasol, pottery Red revisited is from Bas Warmoeskerken,

7 Responses to droog design

  1. I love their designs, creativity and “craziness”, and I use that word as a compliment.

  2. I like their designs, and admire their creativity.

  3. Wow, the Dutch are some crazy folks. I do love that chest of drawers though. Amazing conversation piece that would be!

  4. These designs certainly have an “edge” to them.

  5. I just love that umbrella! As soon as I get at terrace or garden, I’m buying that one!

  6. Love that black light fixture!

  7. I love the light bulb chandelier design. It’s so warehouse chic!

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