sustainable design by wemade

WeMade is a project launched by Dutch designers Rixt Reitsma and Lidewij Spitshuis. Lidewij is a Design Academy graduate, Rixt studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Together they went to Java, Indonesia, to help local crafters developing a series of fashion and interior accessories. The goal of the project was to give financial support to people living in an area that was hit by an earthquake. The result is beautiful line of products, inspired by the local crafters, that are suitable for the Western market. The vases in the photo above are made of pressed bamboo and have a colour accent of rajut (a kind of Indonesian crochet). You can purchase these gorgeous vases here.

Soupper (above) is a soup set for four. The perforated pattern on the wooden plate continues smoothly in the ceramic bowls. However, there is a contrast in material.

Cocups (aove) is a series of six palmwood cups with a range of coloring: a gradient from white to blue.

Roster (above) is a series of pressed bamboo plates. The carved or batik pattern is inspired by ventilation stones which are seen a lot in Indonesian houses.

Constructors (above) is a series of ceramic vases. The little blue detail, made from coconut shell, refers to the colonial history of The Netherlands. Its shape is inspired by the Dutch tiles you still can find in the palace of the Sultan in Yogyakarta.

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